Yugo Sks Grenade Dummy The Easiest way to spot a M59/66 is through its rather unique features: Every Yugo is equiped with: - NATO rifle grenade launching attachment pinned to the muzzle …. Posted: 12/20/2005 6:12:33 PM EDT [#2] cgi The Israeli inert grenades work great on a Yugo SKS, AR15 and on the French MAS 49/56. com +1(510) 619-8906; Chi siamo. A high quality version of the SKS rifle that has an integral Grenade launcher. Mine is a solid piece with four holes on the top, bottom, left and rights sides. Designed to look just like the real thing, our complete replicas include details like the head, ring, and spoon assembly. I bought it "new" and power cleaned the cosmaline with brake cleaner, gun scrub, and a tooth brush. I've seen a number of sources for Israeli and other dummies or practice grenades and kits. In 1966 a new model was adopted and production was again started for the Yugoslavian SKS with the addition of a grenade launcher. If you are like me, you have two concerns when trying out your grenade launcher for the first time: 1) The blanks will be so weak that the grenade will just. It keeps the bulk down, stores well etc. We had some blanks, and a practice grenade. The most notable change they made to the design was the addition of rifle grenade-launching capabilities, resulting in a distinct grenade launcher spigot added to the end of the barrel and a gas cut-off lever/grenade sight to the gas tube. OG wooden stock was deteriorated past usability. At first I was shooting some generic ammo I got from the gun store (I don't know the brand). Source for Yugoslavian M59/66 SKS dummy grenade? Could anyone suggest a source for purchasing a dummy grenade and blanks to fire it that could be used with a Yugoslavian M59/66? My Google-fu is not strong tonight. Picked up my Yugo M59/66 from the recieving ffl this morning. However, I live in the PR Kalifornia. It became the standard issue infantry weapon in the Yugoslav People's Army in 1970, complementing and later superseding the …. Awhile back The Sportsman's Guide had some Israeli 22mm dummy grenades they claimed fit the Yugo 59/66 launcher, and the blank 7. A charging handle is attached to the right side of the bolt carrier and moves when gun is fired. my guess is that the DDs were the ALLEGED grenade launcher, the dummy grenade, and the tracers. These rifles are in exceptionally. Yugoslavia SKS M59/66A1 manufactured by the Zastava Ordnance /Red Banner Works from 1967 to 1970. The fuse type is the blue M228. Be ready for some stout recoil!. Nucflash said: I have one and I love it. I've got a Yugo SKS and like most people who own one I want to use the grenade launcher. Thanks for colecting and sharing this great information. Jämtland County, Additional Parish Boundaries Information. Me and a buddy test firing a non live grenade on a Yugoslovian M59/66A1. Fun Gun Reviews Presents the Yugoslavian SKS Rifle review. flights from germany to uk today. The shape and dimension of the grenade is the same as the real grenade and . Recently acquired Yugo SKS goes good with a Yugo …. i also have yugo sks bayonett and grenade launcher bought new packed in carmaline over 12 to 15 years ago for less than 150. 99 Detailed Information: Cleaning rod fits all standard SKS models. Shooting a M67 rifle grenade using PPU M68 blanks. The M59/66 SKS – the successor of the Yugo M59 SKS – was designed and built to NATO spec, which is ironic considering Yugoslavia was a communist country. Yugo is heavier, but more accurate and better machined. It is a simple gun to make, but quite awkward to use, and has a …. As usual, I got to pick my own Christmas present from Mrs. look for excessive sanding along the grooves for your hand on the stock. This video was uploaded from an Android phone. 00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings. Yugo SKS/grenade launcher. Came across a pretty decent all matching Yugo I've been considering purchasing. If you have a bayonet lug and grenade launcher it's not legal. r/SKS on Reddit: I recently traded an Ebay turbo($200) for this. It features an integral 22mm NATO spec grenade launcher fitting, flip-up grenade and night sights, and a folding 11. Free Domestic Shipping on orders $300+ Hassle Free 30 Day Return Period; 100% Safe. The Yugoslavian-made M59/66 and M59/66A1 variants are the only SKS models with an integral grenade launching attachment. RPG Rocket Launcher Grenade Pouch Military Surplus. However, there are some restrictions attached. and handling it will give you long, reliable service. he recommends the prvi m68 blanks like Traak's suggested. The Yugoslavian SKS, complete with a grenade launcher and bayonet, is an intriguing fusion of history and functionality. Zastava M76: Yugoslavia’s designated marksman rifle. The M59/66 is the later model with grenade launcher, etc. Replica RPG Rocket Launcher Replica/ Display Weapons. The reason this SKS stands out compared to many of the others is in the barrel construction, gas system and grenade launcher. We carry military surplus rifles and parts for platforms such as Carcano, Enfield, and Mauser rifles, along with a huge collection of new modern rifles. 62×39mm chambering is suitable for various shooting applications. it was way over gassed with the …. Yugoslavian SKS with grenade launcher SOLD Description: SOLD For sale, Yugoslavian SKS, 7. 62X39 SKS BAYONET PAP SOVIET YUGO MATCHING Sold Location: Reno, NV 89502 Sold Date: 10/9/2023 12:00:00 AM. The grenade launcer unit is complete, including the . Disassemble the rifle to remove the gas tube, but leave the gas shutoff valve installed and set to semi. This rifle is not California Compliant. 00 - Used OTHER MODEL 8X57 JRS (8MM MAUSER) ZASTAVA ARMS YUGOSLAVIAN M48A MAUSER Sold Location: …. 62X39 Model 59/66 with accessories and case for his wife. It’s fun with friends! Attach a 3-6 ft long streamer attached to the dummy grenade so it’s easier to find if you go way long! 😂. yugoslavian sks rifle grenade for salesenior manager salary accenturesenior manager salary accenture. This is not your average SKS rifle. Is a Yugoslavian SKS with a grenade luncher worth more then one with out? I've had one for years all matching number a really nice dark red lament stock …. There is a website that reviews SKS accessories, with a whole page on aftermarket stocks. By the serial number I am guessing it was …. r/SKS on Reddit: Yugo m59 with no grenade launcher or night …. The SKS is a homely brute, and many of its simple mechanisms are largely outdated by today's weapons' standards. David's Collectibles Po Box 897, Grifton, North Carolina, 28530 Fits all models except the M59/66 SKS with grenade launcher. Tightening the can onto the adapter may start to loosen the adapter from the barrel. Is there a link someone may know of that offers dummy grenades for the yugo 59/66 sks?. The Yugo M59/66 grenade launcher has the advantage of letting you shoot golf balls and other fun stuff with an adapter. ">Military Surplus Rockets & Grenades. S Rifle M-1 Garand WITH Grenade launcher & dummy rifle Grenade (Valley Guns) By Badger in forum …. This post will be updated and populated with information as time moves forward. Going price on a Yugo SKS?. Yugo SKS with grenade Pensacola. It, like so many rifles based on the tapered 7. The M60 anti-tank rifle grenade bore a resemblance to the STRIM 65, also of French origin. Yugoslavian SKS Rifle, Launcher Very Good to Excellent Condition - 7. Other than the grenade launcher, is there any other major difference when compared to a Soviet SKS? I own a fair few Soviet and Chinese SKS, and even a Romanian, but I am still missing an Albanian and Yugoslavian one for my collection. AK And SKS Collector Discussion Board. com the best online marketplace for buying and selling semi auto pistols, firearms, accessories, and collectibles : 905564864. Click to find the best Results for grenade Models for your 3D Printer. Every Day new 3D Models from all over the World. Shorten length of bayonet blade - myself. COM">SKS Grenade Launcher. Post by BrianTSmith99 » Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:35 pm. 3 models Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks Prairie Hunter SKS Yugo 59/66 Military Barrel Channel Rifle Stock As Low As (Save Up to 12%) $173. Bought this SKS yesterday, how'd I do, Gunnit? : r/guns. Since I'm not rich enough to afford real rifle grenades I wax curious if any suppliers have inert or training 22mm NATO rifle grenades, and the rounds to go with it, that I can use for some shits and giggles. miben Discussion starter 77 posts · Joined 1969 Add to quote; Share Only show this user #1 · Nov 19, 2008. CLOSEOUTS; FORUM; (Pin not Included) YUGO 59/66, TYPE 45, TYPE 56 SKS. Hand-numbering on the trigger guard. 00 - Used M59/66 PAP ZASTAVA ARMS YUGO A1 SKS 7. We like to give back to our local art community by presenting reduce step file size solidworks – A fresh look at a contemporary and traditional southwestern art work. 62x39 Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: This is. Grenade Launcher Sight 59/66 SKS. I know prices have only jumped upward since I bought it but I’m. I guess the owner didn't know what he had. 62x39 Caliber ** Folding Blade Bayonet & Grenade Launcher ** Description: This is a very nice Yugoslavian military Model 59/66 SKS complete with the original sling. Discussion of the SKS platform of semi auto rifles Posts: 26 Joined: Sat Nov 26, 2011 2:25 pm. Model: SKS Model 1959/66A1 (M59/66A1). Flash Suppressors & Muzzlebrakes. The inventive rifle grenade is particularly useful as a rifle grenade with a rifle having a fixed grenade launching sight such as a Yugoslavian M59/66 SKS Military rifle using 7. I’ve been wanting to cop one of these three but I’m not sure about the legality of them. After 11 years in the Yugoslav People's Army replaced the. Russian PPSH-41 SMG (Non-Firing) REP29 Russian PPSH-41 SMG (Non-Firing) $225. It has two banana clip magazines and comes with 1300+ rounds for 7. After purchasing the rifle, I got rid of all the cosmoline, shot 10 rounds for . SCHV rounds have a longer effective range and weigh less. Description: Yugoslavian SKS - M59/66 - 7. They have the accessories but not sure about log books. cnt find dummy 56/66 grenades anywhere. That said, I have used the Romanian SADU blanks to successfully launch rifle grenades. He sold them for about $50ea to US customers and made a killing. Yugo Yugoslavian SKS Rifle Grenade Ammo Stripper Clip 3D Model available on Turbo Squid, the world's leading provider of digital 3D models . Jun 22, 2009 9,348 Palm Beach, Fl. They are fun, but don't go very far (easy to find, though). Mauser 98, FN-49, Enfield #4, Garands, Carbines, M14, M16 and various other Rifles, all had ‘clip on’ style Grenade Launchers. Another great yugo SKS mod is to put a chinese stock from the threaded barrel rifle on it. 62x39 blanks to launch an M1A2 grenade adapter with a tennis ball in place. YUGO SKS:Always a good choice that worths Let me say a couple of things concerning the Yugo SKS The Papovka or Titova Puška(These are the two nicknames of the M59/66, the rifle that you call Yugo SKS-Papovka stand for "Pola automatska puška"="Semi automatic rifle" and "Titova Puška"="Tito's rifle"(after the famous …. Anybody have a link to a dummy rifle grenade for a yugo? Going. Hungarian AMP rifle Grenades - 5x PGR Anti-Personnel - $184 Shipped Each / 4x PGK Anti-Tank - $165 Shipped each. The type 59 Yugo did not have the grenade launcher or grenade launcher sights and was set up more like a conventional SKS rifle. My question is would it be possible to remove this aftermarket muzzle without damaging the barrel, I really want to put the original grenade launcher muzzle back on. Non Firing Replica Guns, Dummy & Replica Firearms Online. Will look a whole bunch better and much less machine work. sustainable fashion internships summer 2022 April 3, 2023. The SKS is a homely brute, and many of its simple mechanisms are largely outdated by today’s weapons’ standards. Accessories are not guaranteed. Where can I aquire the dummy rounds for it?. Shipping: Calculated on checkout (or Arrange local transfer) Description: Up for sale is a beautiful SKS Yugoslavian 5966 rifle in 7. Browse for your SKS parts and accessories from the huge selection of Numrich Gun Parts Rockets & Grenades; View All. Can the Yugo SKS grenade launcher be turned into a. You probably have a Yugoslavian 56/66 SKS. Rex B said: I wanted a monte carlo stock for mine. It actually might already be "illegal" since I have an aftermarket stock on it, but I bought it like that, so if it is illegal, I have no responsibility for the previous owner's actions. The Yugo SKS M59/66 model was also fitted with an unusual bayonet mount which also doubled as the mount for the front …. Thread starter BDK1972; Start date Feb 26, 2020; The #1 community for Gun Owners of the Gulf Coast States. 62x39mm cartridge with a ten-round capacity fixed magazine. patriarchal cross with infinity sign. Apparently some may have slipped by the importer with shipments of regular SKS rifles. yes it is listed as one of the banned features for semi auto rifles with a detachable magazine. Those grenade launchers are really tightly put on so after you knocked out the pin and you have heated the area with a propane torch use a screwdriver through the port holes or a wrench to. The grenade launcher is not the same as what I see online. I think there are also some Yugo dummy grenades out there. Caption for photo: Happy to officially be a gun owner! I know very little about the weapon, but the research i've done suggests that it's a 59/66A1 variant made around 1971, from the serial number. Home / Products tagged “yugo sks dummy grenade for sale”. skyugo Discussion starter · #13 · May 23, 2007. 62X39 caliber with DETACHABLE 30 round mag. These rifles feature a folding bayonet, fixed 10 round magazine and 20" barrel to take full advantage of the 7. the hole you see below the left position is for disassembly. At least one regular Yugo SKS came to a dealer and out of the importers box with a rail mount welded in place. SKS muzzle breaks are cheap and common. These were designed to be used with the Hungarian AMP-69 grenade launching AK. During the Vietnam War, these were purchased by the CIA. I used Yugo M59/66A1 with M43 East German 7. Famous Yugoslav "Papovka" semi-automatic carbine or PAP M59. 62×39 caliber – Very Good to Excellent Condition. 173 The primer and propellant should be visibly absent or inert in drill and . I've got a Yugo SKS with the grenade launcher. yugo sks for sale | yugo sks | yugo sks rifles | yugoslavian sks for sale | yugoslavian sks, yugoslavian sks reviews. You might be able to get more info on sksboards. Yugo SKS with Grenade Launcher and Bayonet Description: Yugo SKS with Grenade Launcher and Bayonet - Used SOLD Curio/Relic: Yes. Immediately impressed with its accuracy, would shoot under 2 MOA with the cheap steel core on strippers, and with East German plastic core, under an inch. 6 KB · Views: 260 20200226_101932. YUGO New and Used Price, Value, & Trends 2023. **Traded/Gone** Yugo sks with blade bayonet and grenade …. Flare/Smoke Grenades for the Yugo SKS 22mm GL?. Comparison of the original SKS grenade launcher to the Miller brake. Dummy grenades for Yugo SKS? Jump to Latest Follow 1035 Views 4 Replies 4 Participants Last post by Inglis , Feb 7, 2014 B Bjordan Discussion starter · Feb 3, 2014 Anybody know where to find some dummy grenades for the Yugo SKS and the needed dummy rounds for them? I've been looking without any results. You should feel air spraying out of the gas piston's front hole. Yugo SKS 59/66 w/Grenade Launcher w for sale at …. It has all pieces including the blank-holding plug. Availabe in Baseball, Pineapple, or Lemon style. The gun is in minty condition, …. Install new muzzle brake - unknown. Does not come with the dummy grenade, adapter or bipod. grenade canister & M75 REPLICA Hand Grenade Model: GunBroker is the largest seller of Other AK47 Accessories & Parts . Yugoslav M59/66 Parts & Accessories. We never did find that dummy grenade and I'm convinced that it is still floating somewhere out beyond Mars. Yugo Yugoslavian SKS Rifle Grenade Ammo Stripper Clip - Yugoslavian SKS Rifle Grenade Ammo Stripper Clip - 3D model by Chuck Wilson (@mountaindue). Specs: Condition: Unissued Military Surplus ; Fitment: Standard SKS Rifle ; Weight: 2. These are like nothing you have ever seen on the U. In search of an inert practice grenade for SKS. Does anyone know where i can get these or have any info about how to aim the rifle when being used as a launcher? Thanks!. The added length of the grenade launcher makes it the only SKS to not be classified as a carbine, it is instead a rifle by technical …. com/watch?v=0IdlKawk5yA&t=21s#sks #yugoslavia #gunsoftheworld. Yugoslavian M59/66 Rifle SKS Rifle 7. 62X39 YUGO PENNY START BAYONET/GRENADE LAUNCHER 20 INCH " …. 62x39 zastava arms yugo m59/66 sks grenade excellent condition mint w/ export papers 22 inch " barrel sold location: butler, in 46721 sold date: 10/7/2023 12:00:00 am: $425. Thought about buying one of those dummy grenades from the user on another forum but it seemed a bit sketchy so I didn't bother. Look NOS - $134 shipped Each - 3x SOLD / 7x Yugo M66 APERS Dummy Rifle grenades. BTW, practice grenades are inert …. The second of the Yugo SKS designs, the 59/66 added a integral 22mm grenade launcher with a flip-up ladder sight and gas cut-off switch. About half of the extra weight of the yugo is the stock. thanks Your Yugo SKS can use any NATO 22mm Rifle Grenade. It is made of a plastic body with rubber tip and metal tube and plastic fins. 62X39 TAKES AK MAGS, ORIGINAL BOX! …. More SKS #Shorts Videos, see description: https://youtube. I also read that when they were imported in large numbers, a few years back, the crates. This military assault rifle package comes with the following items: - Original folding blade bayonet, Milled Receiver, Grenade Launcher, Launcher Sight, detachable mag holds 30 rounds, Screw in barrel (not the …. What about legality of Yugo SKS? It has a grenade launcher device, attached bayonet, both illegal, according to CT Gun Laws. The inner diameter of this tube is 22 mm, and fits over the. The following 107 files are in this category, out of 107 total. Rifle, Historic Yugoslavian M59/66A1 Ceremonial SKS rifle, semi-automatic, manufactured in the famous Zastava Plant - 7. Milsurps 4 Me said: Switching it to the left shuts off the valve and allows the grenade sights to be raised and making it single shot for launching grenades. Hi, I would like to purchase one of those yugo SKS that are availiable many places now. What did you search? I'm fairly sure the Yugo SKS uses NATO standard 22mm rifle grenades, so any dummie NATO one should work. The length of pull is for all intensive purposes exactly the same on all SKS rifles the only difference is on the Yugo M59/66-A1 which has the rubber butt pad to aid in reducing recoil when firing rifle grenade blanks but I would only advise doing that with you stand parade blanks. Look for Goran on AKFiles ("feniks AK47"). 62×39 caliber - Very Good to Excellent Condition. Posted by u/Franz_Ferdinand142 - 1 vote and 3 comments. Get the latest business insights from Dun & Bradstreet. Yugoslavian M59/66 SKS chambered in 7. The nickname "papovka" is a derived from PAP, the abbreviation for poluautomatska puška, Serbian for "semi. Please call or email with any questions. You can find 56/66 grenades on here if you look, u/BalkanKalash hooked my up with mine. Category:Maps of Jämtland County. Thank you! Posted: 12/24/2005 7:03:22 AM EDT [#9] Quoted: OK, now I just have to find …. SKS Grenade Spigot, Yugoslavian 59/66, in *Good* condition. Yugo SKS All Matching with grenade launcher in excellent">Yugo SKS All Matching with grenade launcher in excellent. Is it hard to remove a granede launcher on an SKS? 1942 Views 11 Replies 11 Participants Last post by Stalin's Ghost, Sep 3, 2012 Jump to Latest pkord Discussion starter · Aug 26, 2012. 62X39 caliber with bayonet and bracket to mount a scope. Business, Economics, and Finance. 62x39 rifle yugoslavian m59/66 zastava cherry's …. Be very careful, it is easy to damage your firearm if you are using typical hand tools. 0 Comments Lectra modaris v7r2 cracked servers. 62x39 Grenade Sights Description: This rifle looks unused! It is a peach. Also, using good commercial ammo or quality reloads are the single best way to improve an SKS's accuracy. Comes with accessories from the factory. Yugo M59/66 PAP in Belgrade 1992. Get the replica grenade your collection is missing from Army Surplus World. These fit the spigots used by Yugoslavian military. I'm sort of afraid it'll blow my SKS into smithereens, if I shoot the combination. The softer I can make the kick (already super …. It’s one of the more common SKS varieties to be found in America and can usually be recognized by its distinctive rifle grenade muzzle device. I've heard of people using the grenade launcher to launch things like potatoes or tennis balls. With regular blanks, the grenades only go 20-80 yards depeneding upon which grenades you use. When the grenade sight is placed in the up position two little spring loaded pins pop out the sides to hold the sight upright. Here is the highly sought after Yugo SKS with the integral grenade launcher, in excellent condition. 00 - used zastava arms yugoslavian model m59/66 sks semi auto rifle 7. 62X39 Sold Location: Westwood, NJ 07675 Sold Date: …. These were manufactured at the Zastava factory, …. This was about 7 years ago, but even then they were a song. 115K subscribers in the ForgottenWeapons community. USGS Parameter Group Data Types Start Date End Date; Information: Water-quality: 1958-05-16: 1963-09-10: Inorganics, Major, Metals: Water-quality: 1961-10-19: 1965-09-03. These are in excellent to like new military surplus condition. com a little cheaper, if you keep looking. If not, that means it is probably obstructed by caked on grease or some shit. Yugo sks grenade launcher removal. The second of the Yugo SKS designs, the 59/66 added a integral 22mm grenade launcher with a flip-up ladder sight and gas …. Buy Dummy Grenade Online, Dummy Grenade Products For Sale Dummy and Inert Grenades, Mortars & Rockets Showing 28 results for "Dummy and Inert Grenades, Mortars & Rockets" Date: New to Old Price, $ – $10 $89 $168 $246 $325 Availability In Stock 14 Rating ★★★★★ 5 ★★★★★ 5 ★★★★★ 1 ★★★★★ 1 ★★★★★ 0 No reviews 16 22% off. This rifle is a Yugo M59/66 SKS, chambered in 7. 99 - New Old Stock OTHER MODEL 8X57 JRS (8MM MAUSER) ZASTAVA ARMS M48A YUGO MAUSER - WITH …. 00 - used other model yugo sks semi auto 7. Is it hard to remove a granede launcher on an SKS?. 2375 Views 2 Replies 3 Participants Last post by Quickeye, Share Only show this user. Plug the chamber with one finger, and plug the gas shutoff valve with the other. mexican singer killed after concert; incident at aylesbury police station; Leistungen. Price ReducedAnother great item from Gainesville Pawn! Up for sale is a Sino-Albanian SKS. Shipment prohibited outside USA. 59 66 New and Used Price, Value, & Trends 2023. I have one with over 1000 rounds shot by me and it works fine with the original pin. SKS Parts Interchangeability. Here in California the grenade launcher …. The Yugo SKS M59/66 model was also fitted with an unusual bayonet mount which also doubled as the …. 01 (2), I am curious as to the legal restrictions of firing them as (3) of. Belonged to my wife’s grandpa, I bought it from his estate sale. We specialize in all military surplus weapons from AK-47s, AR-15s, Mausers, CETME, Enfields, UZIs, and much more! We set ourselves apart by supplying unique parts at a good value and standing by our products by offering outstanding customer service. It’s fun with friends! Attach a 3-6 ft long streamer attached to the dummy grenade so it’s easier to find if you go way long! 😂 Reply Are they the same as the Yugo sks grenades Reply. Here are some of the parts that are commonly available. Anyone have experience launching dummy grenades? : r/SKS. With its 20" barrel, the SKS-45 is 40" long and tips the scales at 8. Parts and accessories for the Yugoslavian M59/66 sks rifle. Jered wrote: Those things are compatible with NATO grenades, aren't they? Ayup. Dummy RPG-2 Rocket for RPG-2 Rocket Launcher. The shaft is made of aluminum (inside diameter 27/32″), the fins are rubber as are the heads- so no metal edges should hit your enemy. YUGO TOKAREV HOLSTER Our Price: $14. I got this AK simply because a friend was selling it for cheap, doing some digging after buying realized that the most unique feature is the gas shutoff for spigot grenades so I set about getting one!. Assumed they must be easy to fine. Parts and Accessories that are unique to the Yugoslavian 59/66 SKS rifle. Examining the semi-automatic SKS Yugo SKS grenade launcher with grenade launching sight extended. Sell your SKS rifle for FREE today on GunsAmerica! Go. Rifle, Historic Yugoslavian M59/66 SKS rifle, semi-automatic, manufactured in the famous Zastava Plant - 7. I shoot an inert Yugo rifle grenade using EG parade blanks. The weapon is a P (103K serial number range if it matters) serial prefix 59/66A1. beautiful wood stock, no cracks or dents. The store will not work correctly when cookies are disabled. I am looking for a grenade for my Yugo SKS, NO not a live one, A dummy one, I got a hold of a Yugo 59/66 that looks really good but shoots like crap, since I got it really cheap and already have one that works flawless, I am going to take out the firing pin and display it in my office/spare. SPECIAL! 2X Grenade Launching Adapters, Steel, Yugoslavian AK-47, 7. Higher for non-import marked guns in excellent condition. I recently came across an SKS (YUGO) that had an odd muzzle device. Is it legal to install an aftermarket MonteCarlo stock on a Yugo SKS and if so, is it legal with a fixed 20 round magazine? These questions are in reference to a Yugo SKS retaining all it's original features as issued (bayonet, grenade sight, etc. How to remove Grenade Sight?. Posted: 1/23/2023 8:16:11 PM EDT [#6] I looked at a Yugo SKS in a gun store about 3 years ago and they wanted $650 for it. M68 practice/training Yugoslavian piece. It has a scope, bayonet, and grenade launcher. this is just showing one of the ways to fix a yugo sks. "yugo SKS gas cycling problem" 55,100 hits then google : "Norinco SKS gas cycling problem" 8,190 hits and most of them are posts talking about yugo malfunctions and how the norincos don't have those problems. I have a wonderful Yugo M59/66 A1 but no rifle grenades to go with it. Yugo Sks With Grenade Launcher Value. Jump to Latest Follow 1230 Views 1 Reply 2 Participants Last post by DanaeDad, Nov 19, 2008. Chinese is light, but can be less accurate. The Easiest way to spot a M59/66 is through its rather unique features: Every Yugo is equiped with: - NATO rifle grenade launching attachment pinned to the muzzle of the. When I first bought it, went to a gun show and right off the bat found and dummy grenade with blanks to fire it. Values are a little higher on the M59, usually $325 to $400 depending on condition. Standard thread direction (lefty loosey, as viewed from the muzzle end). The Yugoslavian SKS M59/66 is a semi-auto carbine in 7. So I thought it was kind of pointless to also have a grenade sight installed. Recently, we learned of a muzzle brake that was designed specifically for the threaded end of a Yugo 59/66 SKS rifle. In balkan wars soldiers used to have throwaway sks rifles dedicated only for shooting grenades, because their bullet shooting accuracy deteriorated after only few grenades. I do it all the time with my Yugo SKS. The grenade launcher muzzle brake. Introduced in WW1, the original designed grenade progressed through evolutions to serve in WW2, Korea, and beyond to retirement @1969. Filter Results by: Displaying 1 to 30 (of 48 Original Yugo SKS 59/66 Part. Media in category "Maps of Jämtland County". Numrich Gun Parts sells a bunch of …. 800K subscribers in the guns community. It has rifle grenade sights and. Gizord1 Discussion starter · Nov 28, 2012. My Yugo SKS has done all I've asked of it, shoots well, reasonably accurate, and always reliable. The Yugoslavian M59/66 SKS is loaded with features that prevent it from legally being imported into the United States. Can the Yugo SKS grenade launcher be turned into a. It fits the 14x1 RH thread of the Yugo SKS barrel. Have any suggestions? Evil, deadly, only terrorists us them to impale babies with. Hey Folks, Recently purchased a Yugoslav SKS from Southern Ohio Gun Shop. How the sights work and how to use. They won't ship these to California because of the grenade launcher. SKS 59/66 grenade launcher sight stuck in UP position. 40mm Dummy Grenade & Bandoleer Set (Bandoleer Colors May Vary) Product #: 954370. Never was a Destructive Device. Can you get any dummy grenades for the grenade launcher? Please tell me these wouldn't fall under destructive devices?? Posted: 12/19/2005 6:20:33 PM EDT The Israeli inert grenades work great on a Yugo SKS, AR15 and on the French MAS 49/56. 62x39 Zastava Arms Yugo M59/66 SKS Grenade EXCELLENT CONDITION MINT w/ EXPORT PAPERS 22 inch " barrel. I just like to try to collect every thing that goes with the Firearm. Pro Mag Archangel Conversion Stock-SKS (4) $159. The Yugo also has a grenade launcher on it unless you find an old model 59 without the 1966 update. 99 Broken Shell Extractor AK or SKS (7. SKS Muzzle Device Question : r/milsurp. ZPAP with a Yugo training grenade. The “A1” variation added night sights to the rifle. SKS Accessory Kit SKS043 Accessory kit contains following items: Cleaning kit pouch, 4-sling tabs, gas port tool, oil bottle, cleaning jag. Blank adapters must be solidly attached. Russian SKS Ammuniton Pouch, (orig). This rifle shows extenisve t Click for more info. Its metalwork and stock may be crude, but it has proven to be a. IMO for the collector the Russian Tula's are the most sought after SKS's with next being the factory 26's, but the rarest SKS rifles are the North Koreans and the Vietnamese ones. Wal-Mart where the discriminating white trash shop. They lack the grenade launcher (obviously) and I believe this also just barely predates the regular use of night sights for the Yugoslavian military. Especially, the fixed magazine spring. Yugo SKS with grenade 2 dummy grenades 179 rounds and Extras (850) 619-7438 $350 no trades. Who doesn't want to repeatedly launch dummy rifle grenades? Only a . Yugoslavian SKS with grenade launcher SOLD. 00 - Used OTHER MODEL ZASTAVA M59/66 - 7. A high quality version of the SKS rifle that has an integral Grenade launcher & bayonet attached. Will not fit the Yugo M59/66 and will not fit the Chinese paratrooper model with the short barrel. And has the same threads as a L1A1 FAL. 62x39 zastava arms yugo m59/66 sks grenade excellent condition mint w/ export papers 22 inch " barrel sold location: butler, in 46721 sold date: 10/7/2023 12:00:00 am: $565. 99: 03/18/2022: Yugoslavian M59/66 Rifle SKS Rifle 7. I recently bought a unissued Yugo sks, the grenade launche has had slots cut into the top of it and the end was cut like a slant brake. 5 Yugo SKS Questions-Value, Ammo, Cleaning, Modifications, and Compliance. Used to hold the Grenade Launching Ladder sight to the Night Sight Base. Most if not all of these rifles have fired corrosive ammo. The maintenance log book is serialized to the rifle. I recently did a PPT for a Yugo SKS in California. Seller: Summit Arms Services (FFL) Summit Arms Services (FFL) Gun #: 986673664. I called Atlantic Wall Blanks and asked them about it. RUSSIAN SKS BLADE BAYONET 255 - RUSSIAN SKS BLADE BAYONET REPLICA GERMAN WW2 STICK GRENADE (DUMMY) 264 - REPLICA GERMAN WW2 STICK GRENADE ( . I have a Yugo SKS with a U series serial number. 113678 I would like to have some grenade launching blanks for my Yugo but I've been told the standard blanks are not acceptable for firing grenades. 1967 Yugo SKS with rifle grenade launcher and sight and blade bayonet. Yugo SKS's with the grenade launcher sight intact may very well be in the same category someday. Quero311: - I've owned a Yugo M59 several M59/66A1's, 2 Romanians, a lot of Chikomz (both milled and stamped and a para shorty) and one Russian. You have a threaded tip of the barrel when grenade launcher is removed, which is also illegal. Really clean and well-preserved Yugo M59/66! You need a locker full of practice grenades now! :) Just bring young legs to fetch 'em! (like golf . The SKS rifle is commonly praised for being a simple, reliable, and rugged rifle that uses the widely adopted 7. Recently picked up a beautiful yugo SKS and was wondering if gunnit has any experience with using 22mm dummy rifle grenades. Constitutional Carry for NC & SC! Because bearing arms is not, and should not be a privilege. Yugoslovian SKS Test Grenade Launch M59/66A1. 62X39 ZASTAVA ARMS YUGO M59/66 SKS GRENADE EXCELLENT CONDITION MINT W/ EXPORT PAPERS 22 INCH " BARREL Sold Location: Butler, IN 46721 Sold Date: 10/7/2023 12:00:00 AM: $725. 62x39 zastava arms yugo m59/66 sks grenade excellent condition mint w/ export papers 22 inch " barrel Sold Location: Butler, IN 46721 Sold Date: 10/7/2023 12:00:00 AM. I know some were imported but I can't seem to find any. Anyone have experience launching dummy grenades? : r/SKS - reddit. reviews (3) Inert cast iron body with inert US GI fuse lends authenticity to this iconic staple of the American serviceman in the last century. Make sure to read below for full details on the overall condition of the rifles and accessories. I want to remove the grenade launcher off of my Yugo SKS and replace it with something more functional like a flash hider or muzzle brake (preferred). Joined Feb 22, 2008 Messages 12,017 Likes 1,381 Location Western Mass. r/SKS on Reddit: So I finally got around to de cosmoing my yugo …. It lookes to me like tha launcher is. this is the best example I have seen in a long time. Their grenades work apparently. something i did not mention because it should be a given is that on yugos you need to have the gas va. it comes up as the model with the grenade launcher and it makes it a no go for the transfer. As produced at Zavodi Crvena Zastava, the Yugoslav version of the SKS—the Polu-automatska puška M. 00 - Used ZASTAVA ARMS ZANTACS YUGO M59/66 SKS YUGOSLAVIA 7. 5x Yugo M68 Dummy Rifle grenades. Jul 16, 2022 (Edited Feb 10, 2023 ). That needs to be remedied first. SKS Grenade Spigot, Yugoslavian 59/66, *Good*. Does anyone know of any websites where you can still get some? (Inert of course). The shape and dimension of the grenade is the same as the real grenade …. Zastava M70 assault rifle. The Dremel can be used to remove and contour the grenade launcher, bayonet lug etc to your tastes. The majority of variants look similar aside from the Yugoslavian version (22mm grenade launcher) and …. The grenade launcher is simply a muzzle attachment threaded and pinned to the end of the barrel. With real grenade-launching blanks, you will easily get 100-200 yards. Sorry for the absurdly long title and for what may be a nonsensical thread. Accessories like recoil reducers and bayonets. Good condition - matching numbers throughout including magazine. Description: Up for sale is a beautiful SKS Yugoslavian 59/66 rifle with a Refinished "stock" in 7. widely used in the ubiquitous SKS and AK series of self-loading rifles (Jenzen-Jones, 2016a; Ponomarev, 2004). But your not going to launch a practice grenade 400m with them. FOR SALE: My Brother-inLaw passed away and I am selling his Yugoslavian SKS 7. Condition: Used Availability: In Stock Items Usually Ship Within 2 Business Days. They didn't like the ATI because of the thickness of the pistol grip. Pics later, but what would the value of a Yugo SKS with grenade launcher muzzle and ladder sight, complete with bayonet be worth? Stock is in pretty decent shape, no cracks or holes in it, though the finish is a little "sticky" to the touch. Most versions are fitted with an integral folding bayonet which rotates downward from the end of the barrel. Hailing from the Cold War era, this semi-automatic rifle showcases the robust and reliable engineering Yugoslavian firearms are well-known for. PS - Where can you get a grenade launching adaptor? I've been looking for dummy grenades to lob around Guns Have Only Two Enemies-Rust . Yugo with or without grenade launcher. YUGO SKS:Always a good choice that worths Let me say a couple of things concerning the Yugo SKS The Papovka or Titova Puška(These are the two nicknames of the M59/66, the rifle that you call Yugo SKS-Papovka stand for "Pola automatska puška"="Semi automatic rifle" and "Titova Puška"="Tito's rifle"(after the famous Yugoslavia's ruler)) can be considered as one of the ultimate/best SKS. Going price for Yugo Dummy Grenades? : r/SKS. My question is will it still launch a grenade safely? Does any one know we're to get dummy grenades and the correct load for the blanks that you use to launch the gernade. The Yugoslavian SKS is the Model 59. (Photo courtesy of Todd Gustafson collection) Another rare variation of the SKS is the. This month’s installment is a slight departure from earlier ones. But for the price, I am wondering if it's worth it. If you hear gas escaping past the shutoff valve, it needs to be replaced. Nothing on GunBroker either Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk. Yugo SKS with grenade Pensacola. Your yugo SKS may be fine, but yugos are much more prone to cycling problems than any other SKS. LIKE THE HATS AND SHIRTS YOU SEE IN THE VIDEO? A great way to support us is by picking one up!https://thirdpinthreads. There is another problem though - in order to use the grenade launcher you need an overcharged blank. The Norinco SKS is a Chinese copy of the original Russian SKS rifle. When I held them at about a 60 degree angle and launched it very little wear or damage was incurred. You are free: to share – to copy, distribute and transmit the work; to remix – to adapt the work; Under the following conditions: attribution – You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. 40 cal bronze bore brush on it inside the receiver. It arrived and it totally didn't come. Has the original 10-rd fixed box magazine and a. The Model 59 was produced in the late 1950's and early 1960's and identified with a (B) or (C) preceding the serial number. This rifle is in overall very good condition, with matching for sale by Intrepid Shooting Sports on GunsAmerica. This rifle does not have all matching serial #'s. Got my Yugo dummy anti-tank training grenades from Drugo and thought I would give them a try. Yugo SKS with PVC tennis ball launcher. Which ones are the most desirable ? Classic Arms has a limited stock of Yugo's in excellent condition. There are not many reliable sources available to put it at any particular time or place anymore. 5) Wiggle the grenade sight off of the uncut side and set the sight aside. It will be easy to spot, as the grooves won't look even. Yugo SKS The Art of the Rifle: General. PROUD TEA PARTY EXTREMIST! Participating in a gun buy-back program because you think that criminals have too many guns is like having yourself castrated because you think your neighbors have too many kids. Repainted and may have minor storage dings on fins. Yugo SKS 59/66 w/Grenade Launcher w for sale at ">Yugo SKS 59/66 w/Grenade Launcher w for sale at. com; why did husbands change on garage sale mysteries +91-11-40-53-4543. There are only three of the grenades, though. Add to quote; Share Only show this user. I recently acquired a Yugo SKS from a collection. There is a pin on the underside of the launcher that must be driven out, then the launcher screws off the barrel (standard right-hand threads). Do you just jam it right on top? How To Use SKS Grenade Launcher & Shooting a Dummy Round Yugo 59/66 Description please comment rate and subscribe Length 0:02:36 I am a bot. I ended up selling mine and using the funds towards a refurb'd Russian. The M59 was produced in 1959, and the M59/66 in 1966. Category: Ammunition Dummy Rounds; Bullet Diameter. GRENADES :, Your source for military surplus. NOTE: Other SKS models may differ. Developed in Yugoslavia by Zastava Arms during the 1960s, the M70 was an unlicensed derivative of the Soviet AK-47 (specifically the Type 3 variant). 00 - Used OTHER MODEL INTER-ORDNANCE YUGO M59/66 7. My first SKS all the other mill. When I look up 'Yugo SKS spike bayonet', I see a lot of examples where it looks like the locking mechanism consists of a ring, meant to slide over the muzzle. It is even rarer than the scarce Model 59/66 with the grenade launcher. To de-cosmo the stock, Wipe with a rag or paper towels soaked with mineral spirits, then take a hair dryer and a small section at a time, heat it up and wipe off the cosmo. I recently purchased a Yugo M59/66 SKS. We found other products you might like! $15. 62X39 BLK *VERY COLLECTIBLE YUGOSLAVIAN SKS* BAM10. Not sure exactly how legal the export/import of them was. 62x39 caliber -  Excellent Condition. Blanks for SKS m59/66 Grenade Launcher : r/guns. Yugo SKS grenade launcher question Thread starter theGringo; Start date May 31, 2009; theGringo. These rifles had a variety of mountings including the ON-2 mount and various Rail Mounts. This community covers topics about the various SKS rifle variants available to sports…. Anyway this model of the SKS was made with an integral grenade launcher that is . Remove the grenade launcher site - myself. The Zastava M59/66 PAP SKS rifle is identical in function and operation to the Soviet SKS in nearly every respect, except that the Yugoslavian SKS has the built-in grenade launcher spigot mounted at the front of the barrel to launch 22mm rifle grenades. Home Manufacturers SKS Yugo 59/66 Accessories Accessories Show Showing 1 - 12 of 90 Items Out of stock Aperture Rear Sight, Williams WSRS, Used (Pin not Included) YUGO 59/66, TYPE 45, TYPE 56 SKS Firearm Mfgr: SKS Firearm Model: YUGO 59/66, TYPE 45, TYPE 56 Product #: 1896110B $17. SKS Rifle: 7 Things You Should Know. I would leave it in stock form myself, I rather like the stripper clips. The 12 month average price is $664. Kodiak Defense is a Canada-based company so that's a …. SKS Front Sight "T" Type Tool SKS042 Is universal with SKS and AK variants. Part of the fun of ownership of guns like the SKS is knowing that it was the armament of some Soviet controlled country. Instalaza grenade and other rifle grenades as encountered during the South. APEX Gun Parts is your source for hard to find gun parts, parts kits, and accessories. SKS Gas Plug Spring, Yugoslavian 59/66. Some of the bluing seems worn, but nothing shiny really showing. They are also not incredibly durable as the plastic stabilizing fins tend to break off after a few shots. View Item in Catalog Lot #173 (Sale Order: 353 of 368) Sold for: $450. Yugo SKS 59/66 Rifle is chambered in 762×39 semi-auto and was in Military service from 1959-1961 however saw service with other countries well into the 1990’s. Maintain the original look of your Yugoslavian 59/66 SKS by replacing the unused grenade launcher with our functional muzzle brake. YUGO SKS 59/66A1 w/grenade launcher 2 dummy grenades! PENNY AUCTION. YUGO SKS New and Used Price, Value, & Trends 2023">YUGO SKS New and Used Price, Value, & Trends 2023. Yugoslavian Model 59-66 SKS Rifle - 7. The M68 practice grenade and the TKM M60 Anti-tank grenade use the right side of the grenade sight, ranging 50 to 150 meters. It's a sks variant with rifle grenade. Blade bayonet is included and …. Which upcoming lunar and solar eclipses are visible in Ängersjö socken, Jämtland County, Sweden and what do they look like?. Lost the link but it could be found again. Zastava M59/66 PAP, also known as papovka, is a Yugoslav licensed version of Soviet SKS semi-automatic rifle. This rifle is still covered in cosmoline. Does anyone know where I can buy some blanks (online preferably)? Service of supply online. Cannot be shipped outside of the United States, …. i doubt the dealer could even get the yugo sks's with the . After edging upward to $2,084 in 2019, $2,222 in 2020, and $2,400 in 2021, the average price for a four gun SKS grouping surged to $3,019, demonstrating that the genre is thriving at Rock Island Auction …. 00 - Used YUGO SKS RIFLE M59/66 ZASTAVA ARMS WITH BAYONET 7. [PORTABLE] Yugo-m70-dummy-grenade _HOT_ Why Is It You Ch 12. I recently traded an Ebay turbo($200) for this complete numbers matching yugo. 62x39mm, these rifles are equipped with their original 10 round fixed magazine. Parts include gas tubes, handguards, bolts and carriers, pistons and other quality parts for you to buy to repair or enhance your SKS rifle. Firing inert Practice Rifle Grenades from a Yugo m59/SKS. It will no longer work with rifle grenades. After purchasing the rifle, I got rid of all the cosmoline, shot 10 rounds for function test and its been sitting in the safe for several years. ) ZASTAVA ARMS PENNY AUCTION M90 5. They might have just had a real Yugo model laying around the workshop to model instead of a 'True' Russian SKS or even a Chinese Type 56 copy. Once it cracked loose, I unthreaded it by hand. Cannot be shipped outside of the United States, FPO or APO addresses. Yugo m59 with no grenade launcher or night sights. I will post a link below to see what I mean. Valheim but can confirm M1 Garand rifle grenades fit on yugo launchers Got a 1952 Tula SKS and two amazing cookies for $745 at a gun show this weekend. I have a Yugo SKS and have replaced enough parts to make it compliant under 922® but I think I read somewhere that if I changed the stock out to a synthetic stock that I needed to remove the night sites, grenade launcher, and grenade launcher site. Any idea as to value? It has the bayonet, the grenade launcher gas block switch and muzzle. For realz! They sell the dummy grenades you launch using blank rounds. Posted: 1/23/2023 8:15:41 PM EDT [#5] $700 - $900 around these parts. yugo sks made in ‘69 I recently purchased, came w all original parts excluding stock and muzzle break. Zastava M59/66: A Yugoslavian produced SKS clone. You can legally own a grenade launcher. Dummy Ammo; Flash Suppressors & Muzzlebrakes; Rockets & Grenades Shop Now. Sure, it's all dandy till some golf pro guy calls the cops, claiming a terrorist armed with an assault rifle with a winged dildo mounted on the end is cheating, trying to make the 9 hole bigger with an explosive dildo, just so he can come in under par, swat shows up, tasers your arse, you tremble and shake all the while pissing all over yourself on national tv, then, I gotta look at your ugly. Yugo Sks Grenade Launcher Removal. These will make great features in any …. Other than the grenade launcher, is there any other major difference when compared to a Soviet SKS? I own a fair few Soviet and Chinese SKS, and even a …. Edited to add highlighted text. The receiver is machined from steel. Trouble removing hand guard / gas tube. My question is will it still launch a grenade safely? Does any one know we're to get dummy grenades and the correct load for the blanks that you use to launch the gernade. Another difference is that the Norinco uses stripper clips to load its magazine, while the Yugo …. Is anyone here firing blanks and dummy grenades out of their Yugo 59/66 SKS'? I saw a link posted here a while back mentioning Israeli practice rubber grenades, blanks, and the Yugo 59/66 SKS. 62x39 blanks by PPU (one box opened for pics, the other three …. The Yugo SKS is my personal favorite, in either the 59 or 59/66 variant. There are also the little WW2 dummy rifle grenades that are much smaller than the . SKS M59/66 Grade A rifles from Serbia, Ministry of Internal Affairs. A subreddit for posting and discussion of ForgottenWeapons, InRange TV videos and the subject…. 62 x 39, excellent condition, appears unfired. Today we will discuss the SKS rifle, a semi-automatic firearm rather than a bolt-action repeater. Almost indistinguishable from PW #3, though note the slightly different location, different spacing, and the lack of the "MM" after the caliber. The grenade launcher has been removed from the rifle. Considered overpriced at the time because you could get a brand new wasr10 cut for regular mags all day long for $239. Clean, matching Yugo (I believe it’s an 81) that I paid ~$400 for two years ago. 62X39MM W/ GRENADE LAUNCHER BAYONET Sold Location: Waukesha, WI 53186 Sold Date: 10/9/2023 12:00:00 AM: $525. This military assault rifle package comes with the following items: - Original folding blade bayonet, Milled Receiver, Grenade Launcher, Launcher Sight, fixed mag holds 30 rounds, Screw in barrel (not the pressed in), three 10 round. Guns International #: 101713893 Seller's Inventory #: GL-0cda10-908078181 1 …. This weapon was brought back from Vietnam as a war trophy. I still can't see how it is affixed to the end of the grenade launcher, though, and the book doesn't give any detail. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. In addition to our huge selection of military surplus guns, parts, and accessories, we also offer a selection. But, the grenade-launching blanks are pretty expensive when you can find them. RARE NOS YUGOSLAVIA M66 M44 M59 YUGO SKS Blade Bayonet Knife FACTORY ORIGINAL! Opens in a new window or tab. 36 grenade and some reproduction German dagger mounts, ( qty ). A rifle grenade is a grenade that uses a rifle-based launcher to permit a longer effective range than would be possible if the Yugoslavian SKS with 22 mm (0. My Yugo sks comes with the grenade launcher, and I happened to find a site that sells rubber grenades for it that can fire. Are these the choice one's to have ? All info about them would be nice to. The button is basically just a lever for the oppening in the valve. Those with ported grenade launchers should have a prefix for the serial number ranging from D to I. The SKS-45 is a homely, though robust, rifle. One difference is that the Yugo has a grenade launcher and bayonet attached, while the Norinco does not. They all also incorporate the grenade launchers, adjustable gas systems, and folding blade bayonets. Yugo SKS's have a switch at the front to change from semi auto to single shot. comes with cleaning rod, leather sling, bayonet, grenade launcher, cleaning kit and oiler in leather pouch, also has cleaning kit in the stock. It's kind of a 3-fold question: I got a 30 round steel mag for my M59/66 SKS, and plan on just using it as an "permanent" mag like the 10'er it was born with (til I get the money to buy more mags). Yes, there is blank ammo from PPU which is a smaller charge than a true grenade launching blank, so safe to use and probably easier on you and the rifle, but won't be calibrated to the sights on your M59/66. Theres are two different styles of grenade launcher on the Yugo 59/66 SKS'. YUGO SKS rifles DIDN'T shoot steel case ammo, they shot original Yugoslavian brass case ammo that had a higher pressure curve than any of the Russian stuff it was also corrosive which over time and use ate away at …. Removal Instructions: The Yugo 59/66 SKS used in this "How To" guide is a California Legal SKS, with the grenade launcher replaced with a muzzle brake. And I had to start playing with it I lifted up the front grenade sight, and now it is stuck. [1] Each was propelled by being mounted atop a rifle's 22 mm grenade launching adapter, and being launched by a ballistite (blank) cartridge. Take it apart & throughly clean the gas system. 62X39 20" MATCHING NUMBERS 1977 NO RESERVE! MAGERSKI 1649-12. You can see recoil at around 1:00 mark.